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Commercial Aviation Industry

Air freight is a vital tool in the prosperity of all nations.  Nearly 40% of world trade by value moves by air, and air is the preferred means of transportation for cargo such as electronics, perishables, pharmaceuticals, automotive parts and textiles. With air freight being such a wealth creator, security is vital to its success. It’s a business that keeps satellites running, assembly lines running, companies running, the country running and the world running.

Providing service to this critical industry requires a high level of attention to detail. FPG must deliver an exceptional level of service while being almost invisible to the Client so that they can focus on their business of delivering this crucial air freight throughout the world.

FPG offers a wide range of services to the air cargo industry including:
General cleaning - of the following areas
Administrative offices, including VIP area
Ramp areas – land side and air side
Pilot sleep quarters – 95 bed
Escalators/elevators/moving sidewalks
TSA and Customs areas
Control tower
Industrial cleaning
Conveying systems
Scale decks
Drive box cleaning
High dusting of 25 feet and above
Industrial floor cleaning
FOD (Foreign Object Damage) control
Aircraft ramp sweeping - over 400 acres
Parking lot sweeping
Window cleaning
Recycle 15 tons of process materials weekly
Recycle 12 tons of solid waste per day
Trash removal and disposal - remove average of 6 tons of household trash/day
Snow removal assistance
Maintenance and repair services
Welding, rebuilding and repairing of gravity roller systems
Scale deck and lift deck maintenance and calibration
Material handling equipment maintenance and repair
Electrical and tether pit pumping
Water evacuation from 400 HZ (aircraft power) manholes
Inspection and cleaning of roof drainage systems
Electrical maintenance replacement of ballasts and bulbs parking lot lighting, emergency fixtures and task lighting both commercial and industrial
Plumbing maintenance preventive maintenance of deep well pumps, back-flow preventers, flush valve repair, faucet repair, drainage pipe cleaning and repair
Grounds maintenance and landscaping
Dispatch center management