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The utility industry is undergoing fundamental changes like never before. There are pressures to improve efficiencies and reduce carbon footprints while managing costs and dealing with increased regulatory controls.

These pressures mounting on the electric industry are resulting in some of the following outcomes:

Personnel reductions via early retirements and layoffs
Hiring and salary freezes
Company mergers
Decreased expenditures for new plants and lines
Reduced or postponed maintenance
Earlier retirement of older generating plants

All of these combined tend to reduce the level of experience in the work force and cause operating and/or capacity margins to decline. Consequently, electrical generating facilities are turning to FPG as a solution to their need for dependable, safe and cost effective operation of their pollution control systems.

FPG specializes in the operation and maintenance of SO3 mitigation systems - both in starting up a new system and maintaining an existing system - and has received high commendation from our clients on our performance. Just as in all other areas of our business, FPG uses ISO based service programs to ensure that we provide a quality service and strive for continuous improvement.