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At FPG, we believe that excellent service can be consistently delivered only when a company is certain of what it can promise, has the ability to implement that promise and has the processes in place to effectively measure results. That is why FPG invested the resources to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification.

FPG’s ISO certification is the cornerstone of our business and our service delivery.  It represents not only our belief in the concepts and principles of quality, but also our commitment to deliver results-oriented solutions that are relevant to your business.

We have implemented processes across 28 functional areas of our company, and those processes provide FPG the freedom and agility to identify and respond to issues long before they turn into problems by:
Continually monitoring our service delivery
Proactively performing service-quality gap analyses
Systematically improving our quality of service

FPG believes that quality service is the most important ingredient to achieving long-term operating goals. By delivering exceptional value through a never ending commitment to Continuous Improvement and Quality, FPG uses ISO systems to provide the required framework to meet the changing needs of our clients.
Examples of how FPG’s use of ISO processes has benefited our clients include:
Reduced paper product inventory for Fortune 100 client, decreasing monthly costs by as much as $30,000
Streamlined fire extinguisher inspections, reducing costs for a utility client by $60,000 per year
Recycled over 6 tons per day of one client's waste stream
Increased customer satisfaction ratings at Fortune 100 client from 4.06 to 4.37. (3 - Neutral; 4 - Satisfied; 5 - Extremely Satisfied) over a 5 year period
ISO 9001:2008