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As companies focus on becoming more environmentally friendly, one area that garners significant attention is recycling. Since each client’s recycling program is unique, FPG works with our clients to develop a program that meets their specific needs and recycling goals.

FPG has achieved proven results in managing clients’ recycling programs by reducing their operating costs and turning their recycling expense into a profit center. FPG also assists in the implementation of recycling programs that manage a facility’s waste removal process.
A Success Story
FPG recycled over 75% of a Fortune 100 company’s waste stream and generated over $6M per year in a combination of other income and landfill cost avoidance.

FPG's Recycling Programs Include:

Collection, Sorting and Bailing - Of process materials such as plastics and cardboard.

Loading - Of pallets, wood scraps, metals, parts and paper.

Storage - Of hazardous waste for disposal.

Non-Industrial Recycling - General recycling of plastics, cans, papers and bottles.