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Dispatch Center Management

FPG offers our clients a single source for their facility maintenance needs. We ensure that our clients’ equipment and systems are up and running at all times through a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance that will protect core processes while controlling costs and increasing efficiencies.

FPG controls our maintenance services with Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). In addition to utilizing clients’ existing CMMS, we also offer our web-based CMMS to provide the client’s management with open access to their data as well as access to training on FPG’s CMMS system.

FPG provides a broad range of facility maintenance services including:
Dispatch center management
Building management services
Heating and air-conditioning repair and maintenance
Plumbing repair and maintenance
Electrical repair and maintenance
Security and fire suppression/alarm systems
Interior structural and finish repair and maintenance
Specialty systems repair and maintenance
Material handling systems repair and maintenance
Building exterior and grounds maintenance
Grounds and landscaping

Building Management Services
Continuous response capability (24/7/365)
Service call management
Maintenance control and dispatch
Central station monitoring and control
Preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking
Utility (handy man) labor support
Sub-contractor management
   building management

Heating and Air-Conditioning Repair and Maintenance
Building operational tours
Humidity control repair and maintenance
Central cooling/heating plant operation and maintenance
Chiller operation and maintenance
Cooling tower operation and maintenance
Hot water and steam boiler operation/maintenance
HVAC system water treatment and environmental control
Temperature control system operation and maintenance
   heating and air conditioning

Plumbing Repair and Maintenance
Water distribution system maintenance and repair
Solar and steam converter water heating systems
Natural and medical gas piping system maintenance
Forced mains and pneumatic lift station maintenance
Water filtration and softening system maintenance
Back flow preventer inspections and repairs
Pressure regulating valve maintenance and repair

Electrical Repair and Maintenance
Electrical operating tours
Scheduled and service call light fixture
ARC flash studies
Switch gear and power distribution up to 600V
Branch circuit wiring
Exit/egress lighting systems
Building grounding systems
Emergency power transfer gear

Security and Fire Suppression/Alarm Systems
Fire and smoke alarm system maintenance
Fire suppression system maintenance
CCTV system maintenance
Emergency power generation
Battery backup systems (UPS)
Security alarm systems
Lightning protection systems
  fire alarm maintenance

Interior Structural and Finish Repair and Maintenance
Dry wall repair and painting
Carpet and ceiling repair
Door hardware repair
Locksmith services
Automatic door maintenance and repair

Specialty Systems Repair and Maintenance
Refrigeration/freezer repair and maintenance
Kitchen equipment repair and maintenance
Elevator entrapment response
Escalator operation and minor maintenance
Welding and fabricating
Emergency showers and eyewash
Wheelchair lifts repair and maintenance
   specialty systems

Material Handling Systems Repair and Maintenance
Slider bed, roller bed and gravity conveyors
Robotic system repair and maintenance
Hydraulic hoists, lifts and dock repair and maintenance
Scale deck repair and maintenance
Welding and fabricating
Programmable logic controller repair and maintenance
Forklift repair and maintenance
Dry bulk sorbent injection systems
   material handling

Building Exterior and Grounds Maintenance
Parking lot lighting and striping
Pressure washing/graffiti removal
Water treatment plant repair and maintenance
Grounds structure repair and maintenance
Drainage structure repair and maintenance
Sewage lift station/treatment plant repair and maintenance
  building exterior maintenance

Grounds and Landscaping
Lawn and turf care
Tree and shrub care
Pests and weed control
Landscaping design
Snow removal
Parking arms/gates/fence maintenance
Pool and decorative fountain design, repair and maintenance