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Increasing regulations…mounting civil penalties…limited personnel resources…

These are the challenges the utility industry faces today as they try to determine how to reduce pollutants in stack emissions without adding headcount.

FPG can minimize your pollution control headaches.  We assist our clients in meeting their SO3 mitigation needs whether they require starting up a new system or maintaining an existing system.  Our employees are fully trained to operate dry bulk conveying systems and to solve problems related to these maintenance intensive systems, including:
Bearing failure
Pipe leaks
Clogged probes
Air compressor failure
Material buildup

When sorbent materials are transferred thousands of feet, there are many opportunities for flow interruption. As a result, there is no substitute for vigilance in day-to-day operations.  FPG’s experienced personnel continuously monitor and control SO3 mitigation systems to improve operating performance.

What does this mean to you?
Minimized risks to the health and safety of your employees
Lower maintenance costs
Fewer mechanical failures to report to the EPA
Improved plume opacity
Avoidance of clean air violations and associated fines
Increased productivity
Ability to focus your plant personnel on other needs

The performance of preventive maintenance, in addition to ongoing maintenance, has been instrumental to FPG’s success. Customers have praised us for the efficiency and up time of the systems we operate as well as for the speed with which we have achieved results.

Partnering with FPG allows clients to focus on your core business - generating power.