Facilities Services

Facility support services

When it comes to facilities services, FPG offers complete maintenance solutions. From stand-alone to comprehensive, integrated services, we have the experience and people to assess your needs and goals and customize a plan that provides the maximum value.

On any given day your facility has maintenance issues that come up. Multiply those issues across your entire footprint, and the challenge of managing them becomes very apparent. FPG can handle all of those issues.

Regular, preventive maintenance services help your business be proactive and maintain a consistently clean appearance in your locations. Because FPG knows the unexpected is going to happen, we are ready to handle it. We streamline the process and give you one Maintenance Center to contact. We’ll take care of the rest.

Building Management Services

Specialty Industrial Cleaning Services

Specialty Janitorial Services

Material Handling System Maintenance & Repair

Building Exterior & Grounds Maintenance

Grounds & Lawncare

Heating & Air Conditioning

Plumbing Repair & Maintenance

Security & Fire Suppression/Alarm Systems

Specialty System Repair & Maintenance

Electrical Repair and Maintenance

Interior Structural and Finish Maintenance & Repair

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Green Partnership

We believe in creating a balance between business and the environment. We partner with our clients to develop innovative solutions and set realistic timetables for implementation. Please contact us to help you develop a customized Green Practices plan to meet your specific needs.

Through the use of environmentally preferred products, equipment, and processes, FPG strives to provide our clients with a cleaner, healthier environment. Our Green Practices Include:

  • Green Seal Certified or Environmentally Preferred Cleaning Chemicals and Products
  • Green Seal or EcoLogo Consumables
  • CRI Certified Equipment
  • Green Seal Based Employee Training

Clients using our Green Initiatives can expect to improve indoor air quality, increase worker safety, and improve worker productivity. Please contact us to speak with a representative to discuss your business’ unique needs.

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