Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Services

FPG is equipped to clean industrial facilities in every industry

We understand that every facility across America is different. Airports require different services than distribution centers, Higher Education cleaning isn’t the same as a medical facility. Regardless of your industry type, FPG has has the ability to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Facilities of any size

From a 30,000 square foot warehouse, to a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we have experience cleaning buildings of any size. We chart a plan of action and scale our staff accordingly to meet the needs to your specific building size. Most industrial cleaning companies limit their job scopes, FPG will tailor a cleaning plan around your space and size.

A well trained cleaning staff

FPG prides itself on having a well trained staff. We have a comprehensive hiring process that ensures only the most qualified candidates enter your building. You can trust that any FPG staff member has been properly vetted and trained.

A complete line of industrial cleaning services

FPG recognizes that each client has unique requirements. We offer a wide variety of industrial cleaning services to keep your facilities looking their best. FPG has a proven track record of exceeding our clients’ expectations at airports, power plants, steel mills and other manufacturing sites.

  • Industrial floor cleaning
  • Production area cleaning
  • Conveyor cleaning and minor maintenance
  • Dust and debris removal – from ceiling, piping, lighting, and ductwork

  • Piping, conduit, and structural steel cleaning
  • High surface cleaning – 25 feet and above
  • Rafter and ceiling trusses cleaning
  • Catwalk cleaning and painting

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