Best ways to keep your office and work bathroom clean

Best ways to keep your office and work bathroom clean

Keeping Your Workplace Clean

It’s difficult to focus on keeping workspace common areas clean when you know you’ve already got a stellar commercial cleaning company making official visits. However, office cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility. Common areas like the bathroom are especially vulnerable between official cleaning visits and can lose their sparkling clean due to high traffic.

A few simple actions can help contribute to a healthy, happy workplace between visits from your cleaners.

Read on to see what you can do to help.

Get Employees Involved

A messy bathroom can reflect poorly on your company and send a bad message to potential clients that visit the restroom. If all of your company’s employees make these small changes into habits, it will be easy to keep common spaces like the bathrooms pristine and healthy no matter how often your cleaning company pops in. During your visits, you can help keep bathrooms clean by:

  • Wiping down any wet countertops
  • Wiping up any excess soap drippage
  • Requesting paper towels and toilet paper when low
  • Immediately reporting any discovered mess

These small steps can keep your company’s restrooms looking their best even longer. For more tips and tricks, reach out to FPG.

Keeping Employees Motivated

Keeping common areas, like restrooms, constantly clean between visits from your commercial cleaning company can be tough. Make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your employees motivated to contribute between sessions. You can encourage employee involvement by:

  • Posting bathroom etiquette reminders
  • Floating the idea of bathroom ‘duties’
  • Setting the example

Even implementing one of these ideas can go a long way in maintaining your workplace’s bathrooms.

Know the Consequences

Keeping your workplace bathroom clean between visits from your cleaning company may not seem like a big deal, but it can negatively impact the health and well being of your clients and employees if left unchecked. Letting your bathroom go between cleanings can:

  • Result in mold growth
  • Increase bacterial growth
  • Make a bad impression on visiting clients
  • Impact your employees health

Additionally, if an unsanitary or unsightly bathroom is having a negative impact on your client or employees health, you could potentially lose money. Don’t let your bathroom go unattended between visits from companies like FPG.

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