Questions to ask your next cleaning company before you hire them

Questions to ask your next cleaning company before you hire them

How to Hire the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

If you’re looking for tips when hiring building cleaning services, you’re in the right place. Keeping your workspace clean is the key to putting your company’s best face forward. Keep your clients and coworkers happy and healthy by hiring the right commercial cleaning company. FPG has put together a list of questions to ask when hiring commercial cleaning services that will help you choose a company that will best fit your needs.

The 7 Questions you need to ask:

What Are Their Rates?

The first thing you should ask a potential commercial cleaner about is their rates. Most cleaning companies will provide a cost estimate for the job, but you need to dig a little deeper to get the most for your money. Ask why a cleaning service is charging what they charge, if they offer packages and how long they will spend cleaning your office. This will give you a better idea of the specific services you’re going to be getting and allow you to better choose a company that provides the attention to detail and services you’re looking for.

Do They Have Insurance?

You don’t want to hire a commercial cleaner without insurance. Only consider commercial cleaning companies with insurance so you are financially covered if something on the property is damaged, lost or stolen while they’re at work. If a company you’re considering does have insurance, be sure to contact their insurance company to verify that they have the coverage they claim.

Do They Provide Supplies?

Some commercial cleaning companies advertise low rates, then hit you with the cost of cleaning supplies. Having a cleaning company that provides its own cleaning supplies and equipment from the start can save you hundreds of dollars down the line. Be sure to ask your potential cleaners if they will be providing their own supplies or if they expect you to chip in.

Do They Believe in Quality Control?

The mark of a good commercial cleaning company is one who actively manages its staff. Ask about quality control to ensure that you choose a cleaner who gets things done right the first time around. Not only is it good to verify the custodial staff has quality standards in place, ask them what they are and how they manage it.

Verify the Scope of Work Performed

When you’re hiring a commercial cleaner, its best to work with a company that will put everything in writing. This guarantees that expectations are set from the get-go and that all of your questions are answered before you commit to a cleaning company. Bonus, it also guarantees that there will be no misunderstandings, meaning you won’t risk having to pay for services you’re not getting.

How long have you been in business?

You’re more likely to get a quality cleaning company you can trust if you hire someone with experience. If a cleaning company has been in business for a while, they tend to have much more experience and a better reputation with other commercial companies in the area. It also allows you to conduct a background check of sorts if there’s any doubt about the quality of their services.

If you have any additional questions to ask about hiring a commercial cleaning company, or need a place to start, reach out to FPG. We’ve been serving businesses for more than a decade and provide quality facilities support services that you can trust. From the aviation and education industries to logistics and manufacturing companies, we have the skills you’re looking for to keep your workplace clean.

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