4 Common Furnace Problems in your Facility

4 Common Furnace Problems in your Facility

Furnaces at large industrial or commercial facilities carry a heavy load. They have a lot of space to heat, so they need to be up to the task mechanically. When the winter months hit, you might not give your furnace a second thought until something is wrong, but you can stay a few steps ahead of any issues that might arise by keeping an eye out for these common problems. As soon as you notice something amiss, be sure to reach out to a professional for assistance so that the problem doesn’t worsen over time.


1. The heating system won’t turn on.

If the system won’t even start up, there are a few things to check before writing it off. First, the most obvious solution: make sure the system wasn’t accidentally turned off. If the system is set to “ON” but isn’t working, take a look at your electrical panel. The system might not be starting because a breaker tripped, and the fix is as easy as flicking a switch. Finally, check that the thermostat is set correctly. The temperature should be set to a couple of degrees higher than the ambient temperature.

If none of these things is the problem, your best bet is to call a professional for help. They’ll be able to open up the furnace, diagnose the issue and come up with a solution.


2. The fan is running, but the furnace isn’t blowing any heat.

Unfortunately, this issue isn’t cut and dry. A number of things could be contributing to this problem, and they largely depend on the type of furnace you’re using at your facility. For example:

  • Does your furnace have a pilot light? Make sure it hasn’t gone out. If it has, your system won’t be able to produce any heat.
  • Does your furnace run on natural gas? Check your water heater. If they both run on gas, you’ll know something is or isn’t wrong with supply based on whether the water heater is also failing to produce heat.
  • Does your furnace rely on an air intake? Make sure the air filter isn’t dirty or clogged.

None of these things the cause of your furnace’s problem? A professional technician will be able to help.


3. The furnace shuts off before bringing the facility up to temperature.

When your furnace shuts off or cycles frequently for short periods of time, the first thing you should check is the air filter in the air intakes. A dirty or clogged filter can make it difficult for the furnace to run efficiently. If the air filter isn’t the problem, the problem likely has a mechanical cause and will require a professional set of eyes to diagnose the issue.

In some cases, your furnace might be shutting itself off as a function of its safety mechanism to stop it from overheating.


4. The furnace is making a mechanical noise.

Loud noises coming from your furnace can have a number of causes, all of them likely mechanical in nature. The heat exchanger might have cracked, the blower belt might have broken, the ball bearings might have worn out, or the limit switch could have gone bad. In any case, the best course of action is to call a professional for help. They’ll be able to determine the source of the noise and get any new parts that might be required.


Now that you know what to watch out for, you’ll be able to take action and get problems with your facility’s furnace squared away much quicker. If you really want to stay ahead of the curve, be sure to have your furnace checked and maintained regularly.

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