How to Keep Your Facility Clean During the Fall

How to Keep Your Facility Clean During the Fall

Fall is officially here, and with it come lower temperatures and messier weather. To make sure that you’re always providing the best experiences possible for your customers and employees, it’s important that you take the time to put together a game plan for keeping your facility clean during the cooler seasons. Not sure where to begin? We can help.

In addition to your usual cleanup and maintenance routines, consider adding these items to your fall-cleaning checklist:

Start with the floors

Hard-surface floors and soft carpets require different cleaning methods. For hard floors, clear the area and go for a thorough mopping and polishing. This is the time to tackle skid marks and other blemishes that might have accumulated over the summer.

If your office has carpets or area rugs, calling in professional cleaners to vacuum and wash them is definitely worth the investment. Carpets and rugs tend to trap dirt, dust, stains and germs below the surface, and the occasional round of vacuuming isn’t going to sanitize them. In this case, count on the professionals to deep clean your carpets.

Break out the duster and hit all the hard-to-reach areas

Dust gathers everywhere—particularly in the places we tend to forget about. Think fan blades, light fixtures, vents and the backs of cabinets. These are all places that are likely to be missed during regular cleanings, so make sure you take the time to wipe them down during your fall cleaning.

Sanitize and disinfect the bathrooms

This might be a no-brainer, but wiping down and sanitizing the bathrooms—the high-touch areas, especially—is a must. This is another situation that’s definitely worth investing in professionals for. They’ll hit the backs of the toilets, sinks, soap dispensers and more.

Check your air ducts

During the summer, particles like dust and pollen are everywhere. As autumn rolls in, it’s a great time to have your air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned. Doing this will ensure your customers and employees are breathing clean air as the weather cools off, which can help cut down on seasonal allergies and colds.

Add mats to entrances and exits.

With fall comes wet weather. Need we say more? Placing mats at all of your facility’s entrances and exits can stop shoes from tracking in water, mud and snow, keeping your floors cleaner and a lot less slippery and dangerous.

Clear the gutters and drainage systems.

Before the rain and snow hit, have a pro come clean out your gutters and make sure your drainage systems are functioning as they should. Doing this proactively can help you avoid big problems during the first big storm of the fall season.

Pressure wash the building and other exterior features.

Summer’s heat and humidity create a prime environment for algae and mold to grow on your building and sidewalks. Fall is the perfect time to take a pressure washer to those unsightly stains and get your facility’s exterior looking like new again.

Finally, clean the windows.

Clean windows—inside and out—not only look great, but they allow in more light. Fall tends to be colder and drearier than summer, so make sure you’re allowing in as much natural light as possible to stop the cold-weather blues from setting in.

Now that you have our fall-cleaning checklist, which task will you tackle first? Don’t be afraid to reach out to professional cleaners for help. While some of these tasks are perfectly doable for the handy person, professionals will have industrial-grade cleaners and tools at their disposal, ensuring you get the deepest clean possible so you can go into fall with a spotless facility.

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