Keep Bacteria at Bay in the Workplace – Tips to Eliminate Germs

Keep Bacteria at Bay in the Workplace – Tips to Eliminate Germs

When it comes to your office’s surfaces, there’s much more than meets the eye. No matter how clean your space may seem, it can still harbor germs and bacteria that may be detrimental to the health of employees, clients and consumers. With cold and flu season right around the corner, take action now to eradicate harmful germs.

Hiring a commercial cleaner ensures that your surfaces are consistently sanitized and kept sparkling clean. The right cleaning company will enhance the look of your workspace and minimize the risk of illness to all office workers and visitors. Plus, a consistently clean and healthy space often increases efficiency in the workplace: fewer germs means fewer employee sick days.

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How a commercial cleaner can help mitigate bacteria

It might seem like an extra out-of-pocket cost to outsource your cleaning, but having a commercial cleaner who knows how to successfully clean and sanitize your space is key to a healthy work environment. When you hire a commercial cleaner to properly maintain your space, you can expect them to:

  • Vacuum and deeply clean carpets and floors
  • Thoroughly scrub and sanitize all common area surfaces
  • Give doorknobs and other surfaces harboring germs a deep clean
  • Get into nooks and crannies that may be hiding mold and bacteria

Make sure you’re doing everything possible to maintain the integrity of your workspace and keep your workers safe from germs and bacteria that can be detrimental to their health. Reach out to a local commercial cleaning company for more information.

The consequences of a poorly maintained space

Think you don’t need to spend the money on a commercial cleaning professional? Think again. A simple surface clean may appear to do the trick but will often leave behind contaminants that can cause illness. If left unchecked on office surfaces, germs and bacteria can cause:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Sore throats
  • Constant sinus infections
  • Pneumonia

Don’t put the health of your employees at risk. Consider a commercial cleaner today.

Ensure a healthier workspace

You may think you’re scouring germs and bacteria from common surfaces with your regular daily clean-up, but there’s a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Don’t risk the health of your employees and customers by exposing them—be sure to hire a commercial cleaning company that will kill germs for good. Your commercial cleaner will set up a regular cleaning schedule and pinpoint the areas of your office that will most benefit from a deep clean. From doorknobs to carpets, you should have a commercial cleaner you trust to get it all and maintain a healthy work space.

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Get the deepest clean

While it’s common knowledge that shared office areas can have high levels of germs and bacteria, they can thrive in secret if left unchecked on other surfaces. An experienced commercial cleaning company knows that in addition to common areas, phones, desktops and computer keyboards tend to accumulate contaminants. A commercial cleaning company will be sure to pinpoint all hard-to-reach areas that may harbor germs and bacteria.

By working with a commercial cleaner, you can trust that all of your workplace’s surfaces will be regularly cleaned and sanitized without interruption to the work day. Ensure the health of your business and employees by contacting FPG about commercial cleaning services.

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