Why You Should Ask Your Cleaning Company About the Products They Use

Why You Should Ask Your Cleaning Company About the Products They Use

You have a lot to consider when hiring a cleaning company to work in your facility. How much experience do they have cleaning locations like yours? Have they been in business long? Are their people thorough and trustworthy? You want to hire a company you feel confident in so you never have to wonder about how well they’re holding up their end of the deal.

Asking questions during the hiring process is a smart move, but there are a few that sometimes get overlooked—and they can have a big impact on the quality of the work you receive. First, which products does the company use? Second, what types of equipment will they use to get the job done? Here’s why those questions matter more than you might think.

The right products make all the difference

Professional cleaning companies will have access to industrial-grade cleaners that are much more effective at cleaning stubborn messes and sanitizing work surfaces than traditional at-home cleaning products. However, some of these solvents can be dangerous in high concentrations, and not all of them are safe to use in every facility. Make sure to inform the cleaning company of your facility’s function and make them aware of any requirements or sensitivities that could be affected by the types of cleaners they use.

Are the products eco-friendly?

Another thing to take into consideration is how green the products are. Are they environmentally friendly? All-natural? Sustainable? In addition to being better for the environment, green cleaning products can potentially increase efficiency and reduce the overall cost of your cleanings. If eco-friendliness is important to you, definitely ask this question.

How will the products affect your employees and customers?

Don’t forget to consider your employees and customers when selecting a cleaning company. If the cleaning products leave behind a strong smell or cause another form of irritation, it’s best not to use them. Ask about other options that might be available. Some cleaning companies might even allow you to provide your own cleaning products for them to use at your facility.

Do they use industrial-grade equipment that will make your cleanings more efficient?

Before you hire your next cleaning company, ask about the types of equipment they’ll be using. If your facility is smaller, traditional cleaning supplies might be enough to get the job done. But if your facility is large or requires stringent sanitation procedures, make sure the cleaning company is capable of keeping up with the job and meeting those requirements.

As with any job, the right equipment is necessary to be successful and achieve the desired result. Industrial-grade equipment and products will allow your new cleaning company to work quickly and efficiently, ensuring that they can achieve a level of cleanliness that fits your standards.

If you’re not sure where to start, try asking these questions.

  • What kinds of cleaning products do you use?
  • Do you carry green or eco-friendly options?
  • Are the products appropriate for my facility?
  • Would you allow me to provide my own cleaning products, if necessary?
  • Do you provide your own cleaning equipment?
  • What equipment do you use?

Now that you have a better idea of what to ask prospective cleaning companies, get out there and start looking for the right partner for your facility. If they can’t answer the questions—or if they don’t meet your requirements—move on to the next company.

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