Why You Should Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

Why You Should Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

Why You Should Keep Your Office Carpets Clean

Carpets in office spaces can take a beating. Like all carpets in shared spaces, they’ll collect dirt, dust, crumbs, stains, allergens and more over time. Employees and customers will track in all sorts of grime off the street—dirt from the garden, gum from the sidewalks, mud and slush from rain and snow and whatever else they’ve stepped in.

Because of that, it’s important that your carpets are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Neglect them, and your carpets aren’t the only things that will suffer the consequences. Dirty carpets can have a domino effect on air quality and your employees’ well-being. Here’s why it’s important that you keep your office carpets clean:

Improve the air quality in your office.

Carpets act as an air filter, and if your office’s flooring is mostly carpet, they likely have a bigger impact on air quality than your HVAC system. If it’s been a while since you last had your carpets professionally clean, you might start to notice an odor. Dirty carpets can release dust, mold and other ground-in particles into the air—and you and your employees will breathe them in.

You can fix that by regularly vacuuming and investing in professional cleanings. Better air quality means a better experience for your employees.

Prevent the proliferation of allergens, mold, mites and bacteria.

Carpet fibers trap and absorb particles, odors, and more. As you and your employees go about your business—making copies, delivering reports, running meetings—your carpets take a beating. Every step pushes those particles deeper into the fibers and makes them more difficult to remove, but staying on top of regular cleanings can stop your carpets from becoming a breeding ground for harmful allergens, mold, mites and bacteria.

Extend the life of your carpets.

If your office is carpeted, don’t let that investment go to waste by never thinking about it again. Instead of replacing your carpets sooner rather than later, take care of them with regular vacuuming and professional cleanings. Taking care of your carpets can keep them looking newer longer and save you money in the long run!

Improve your office environment and employee morale.

A clean office is proven to reduce stress and increase productivity in your employees. After all, no one likes a dirty office. And when your employees aren’t distracted by allergies caused by bad air quality or a persistent odor caused by mold and grime, they can focus their attention on their daily projects and tasks.

Investing in a professional carpet cleaning service will also ensure your employees don’t have to pick up the slack. Let them focus on doing what they do best instead of taking turns vacuuming and steam cleaning.

Is there a downside to keeping the carpets in your office clean? No. Regular cleanings can improve air quality, eliminate harmful allergens, extend the life of your flooring investment and increase your employees’ productivity.

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